FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

When will the snow plows be dispatched?

After a significant amount of snow has fallen the town snow plows will be called out.  They will begin plowing around the school areas first and then move out into the residential areas.  Highways 410 and 414 are maintained by the State Highway Department.

If your driveway is blocked by snow after the plow goes by and you are unable to clear it yourself and need assistance please contact us.  We will dispatch a snow plow as soon as possible.

Please remove all vehicles (including travel trailers, snow/recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, etc.) from the streets to allow the snow plows unobstructed access.  If the plows have to go around your vehicle and it becomes plowed in you will have 24 hours to remove it.  If your vehicle remains on the roadway you can receive a citation for each day it impedes the snow plows.  If you're notified/cited to remove your vehicle and it still remains on the roadway it can be towed at the owners expense.