FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to report a Public Works issue?

Please contact the Town Hall if you need to report a Public Works issue? Call (307) 782-3100 to report:

• Pot hole
• Water leak
• Damaged street sign
• Debris in the street
• Street light out
• Sewer blockage

Does the town offer recycling services?

Recycling services are currently unavailable in the Town of Mountain View.

For more information on additional recycling services please see the Uinta Recycling, Inc. brochure.

If I want to hook onto the Town's water/sewer, how much will it cost?

Water/Sewer Service - New Hookup

The Town has service connection installation standards that must be followed, inspected and approved before water service will be turned on.  Please click on the link below to see these standards and requirements.

Water/Sewer Service Connection Installation Standards

What are the road conditions like?

Are you going to be traveling thru Wyoming during the winter?  You can dial 511 on your phone to get the latest travel info. 

You can check the Wyoming road conditions online thru this link.

When will the snow plows be dispatched?

After a significant amount of snow has fallen the town snow plows will be called out.  They will begin plowing around the school areas first and then move out into the residential areas.  Highways 410 and 414 are maintained by the State Highway Department.

If your driveway is blocked by snow after the plow goes by and you are unable to clear it yourself and need assistance please contact us.  We will dispatch a snow plow as soon as possible.

Please remove all vehicles (including travel trailers, snow/recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, etc.) from the streets to allow the snow plows unobstructed access.  If the plows have to go around your vehicle and it becomes plowed in you will have 24 hours to remove it.  If your vehicle remains on the roadway you can receive a citation for each day it impedes the snow plows.  If you're notified/cited to remove your vehicle and it still remains on the roadway it can be towed at the owners expense.

Who should I call if I'm going to dig?

t least two business days before you intend to dig, you should call One-Call of Wyoming (Dial 811 on your phone or 800-849-2476) and request the location of all underground facilities in the area of the construction or excavation.  Wyoming law requires underground facility owners to respond in two business days and to locate their facilities with marks on the surface.  After the locate, you may proceed with the excavation.  But remember, if you know there are facilities in the area of your dig, you may need to take special care not to damage underground facilities and this may sometimes require hand digging as a precaution.